Tough times

As we all know, Russia is being a wee bit “unfriendly” to its neighbouring European country, which resulted in sanctions which effectively cut me off from renewing the good old domain.

What do you mean I have to to go through nine circles of Hell to pay what, like, $12USD to renew a domain once a year? I am having none of this!

Instead, I registered a domain in a registrar that works in the Ruble zone. This way, if things go (and believe me, they will) very south, I will at least be able to access my blog and my server by typing a short domain name and not an IP address.

SU stands for Soviet Union

That is right! The new domain is, it shall become active in about 24 hours after writing of this very post. I will create a redirection from the old domain to the new one for the time of it being still active, but this won’t be long.

But mind you, the domain will expire at December the 12th 2022.

Registering the new domain costed me about ₽600 (approximately $10USD) and probably will cost the same to renew; that is like two bucks less than with the old one!

Is that all?

Yes, we in Russia are not in a good position to openly critique current government’s doings and also I try to keep politics out of everything I do on GitHub and/or here and I intend on keeping it that way.